by Holly Newton Everyone goes through wilderness seasons – times that feel empty or wanting. When we go through a holding pattern, it doesn’t mean that God is holding out on us. He’s always at work preparing our hearts and our foundation to handle His purposes if we’re seeking Him (Rom 8:28, Amos 5:4-6, Psalm […]

By Joelle Jensen “I don’t think I can live the rest of my life like this, God.” It was about this time last year that I found myself laying in the Emergency Room looking at the heart monitor readings that showed my heart palpitating every few beats. The doctor ran several tests and I found […]

by Katie M. Reid What are you grateful for right now? In such a divisive, shouty culture, I am thankful for the example of those who are choosing to counter-culturally lead with compassion, upon the firm foundation of the Bible. I am inspired by those who listen instead of lecture, those who ask clarifying questions […]

by Karen Harmon Ah, November, the month of Thanksgiving. In full disclosure, there have been times when gratefulness has not come easily for me. Comparison, jealousy, unhealthy striving, bad decisions, and unexpected curveballs in life were drowning me, and an attitude of gratitude was the last thing on my mind. If you’re like me, you […]


Oct 5, 2022

by Annette Yanez Over the summer, I went through an unexpected significant change from my current job to a new job. It was a mixed bag of emotions and questions, wondering what I would do next. It was a transition by definition: A period of changing from one state or condition to another. “students in transition from […]

by Dina Deleasa-Gonsar “And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord.” Luke 1:45 Have you ever looked in the mirror and didn’t see yourself? At first you may think that is impossible. Mirrors are made to show reflections. If you think about […]

Psalm 142

Aug 30, 2022

by Katie Mroczko You know those times when you feel as though you are so alone in the world? You feel like you have run out of hope in your dark situation. You have none left to turn to. You feel trapped and helpless… Then all of the sudden you realize that you have done […]

by Katie Reid I lift my eyes toward the mountains. Where will my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1-2 (CSB)  It can be difficult for strong, capable women to ask for help. Maybe you feel embarrassed or weak or like you have failed when […]

Psalm 116

Aug 19, 2022

by Holly Newton “I called to the Lord in distress; the Lord answered me and put me in a spacious place. The Lord is for me; I will not be afraid. What can a mere mortal do to me?” Psalm 118:5-6 Helplessness is the first step to true hopefulness. This counterintuitive reality is woven throughout […]

Psalm 112

Aug 12, 2022

By Dina Gonsar Have you ever found yourself feeling exhausted from “doing good?”  That may be a hard question to ask ourselves or maybe our answer is hard for us to face. In a world that is often aggressive and ready for a fight, we can grow weary from turning the other cheek.  We may […]