Exhale Community Conversations



Is there any mindset standing in the way of obedience to what He is speaking?

When we begin to feel overwhelmed or stressed, we can often see what mindset: mood, or attitudes we are working out of. We begin to strive in our strength or potential rather than stopping and breathing. Holy Spirit is breath for us, digging places in our hearts those mindsets outside of His. Maybe He is digging out fear, compulsive reactions, unforgiveness, bitterness to give way to hope and trust when we surrender.

At that moment, we can recognize that if we do surrender to whatever God is doing, then we can trust He’s got this. Here is where our mindset shifts to a trusting-obedience to what He is speaking. 

Like today’s devotional (day 11), we read in Jeremiah 29, where the instruction to move ahead is in walking in ordinary daily obedience. Allowing His breath to soften our hearts so we can be tender to what He is leading us. Coming into this year, I want to continue to move in surrender as it goes hand in hand with a trusting-obedience mindset. 

Let us ask ourselves, what step of ordinary daily obedience can we take today? And like we are learning in the Exhale devotional, we can simply ask Him. He wants to show us!

– Annette Yanez, Exhale Community Co-Host