Facing Your Fears First Thing in the Morning

Jun 10, 2022

by Amy Elaine Martinez

In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.

Psalm 5:3

Today’s Reading: Psalm 5 

Fear often causes us to shrink back. We shrug our shoulders, bow our head, and think, “I don’t know if I can face today.” We’ve all experienced awful feeling of deep dread while anticipating the worst-case scenario. When our fight or flight response kicks in, things can turn chaotic quickly. But what if we were better prepared, ready for battle, perhaps even confident?

Instead of allowing fear to rule the day, God offers us confidence in the face of our biggest obstacles and fiercest enemies. Resolve is key if we want to regain our composure and kick fear to the curb.

Though it’s easy to entertain fear, especially when evil seems to be winning the day, there is a better way. David experienced intense battles and ensuing fear many times before and after he became king. Interestingly, his position in life, whether a shepherd boy or a sovereign king, didn’t keep the enemy at bay. In the school of hard knocks, better known as life, no one gets a hall pass when it comes to fighting battles. However, David knew exactly where to go and what to do when the enemy raged on the battlefield or in his mind.

When we’re all prayed up, confidence becomes our courage whenever chaos comes calling.

In Psalm 5, sometimes referred to as the Song of the Clouded Dawn, we find David in the middle of what might be a foggy field heavy with fear of the unknown. We don’t know if it was a dreary morning or if lack of clarity clouded his mind. I know I’ve woken up in a panic. Have you awakened to a deluge of doubt or in the fog of fear? 

In times of doubt, David shares how to take face our fears first thing in the morning! Through positioning himself in a posture of prayer, David slays the day by going to God first. And, we can too. In verses, 3-5, David humbly cries out to God revealing both his need for Him and his resolve to believe in God’s unwavering ability to answer. He shows us exactly how to begin our days before going into battle. David anticipates God will provide the answer to everything he’s just poured out in prayer.  

Though disappointment and doubt try to take him down, David dared to believe God would show up with a fresh dose of courage and confidence. The key to living fearlessly lies in positioning ourselves in God’s presence through prayer. (vs 7) Later, this psalm reminds us to keep shouting for joy because we are surrounded in favor. (vs 11-12) From this place, all fear must flee. Because we’ve settled the outcome of our lives is in God’s hands, we can fearlessly focus on all God’s called us to do and be.

Prayer: Lord, help me come to You first. Instead of reaching for my phone in the morning, let my first words be a prayer as I lay out the pieces of my life on Your altar fully confident that You’ll provide the courage I need for this day. When I forget (because You know I will), please let me hear You say, “Sweet girl, I’m just a prayer away.” Lord, before I let fear take hold of my heart, may I run into Your presence; You are my strength and shield.  

Amy Elaine Martinez is an inspirational speaker, former radio show host, and gifted Bible teacher. Her ministry is devoted to helping women with heart-shattered lives become whole again in Christ. She recently moved from the beautiful mountains of Castle Rock, CO to play on the plains of historic Guthrie, OK. Amy Elaine’s desire is to see women walk in wholeness and develop an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Living the victorious life is one of the major themes of her ministry. Connect with Amy Elaine on her website AmyElaine.com



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