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5 Days Of Gratitude

The primary battle we fight each day is the battle for our thoughts. As we begin a new day we will we allow our feelings to govern our minds and our environment? Or will we allow the truths of the Word of God to pierce through every lie of the enemy? Praying God’s Word and praising in the middle of the unknown is a weapon to fight with, our shelter to run to, and the shield that guards our hearts – a powerful way to live. It turns anxiety into peace, brings chaos into order, and turns fear into faith.

Made To Dream.png

Made To Dream

Everything God has done or will do comes through the life of a man or woman. Each of us has a vital role no more important than the other. God has a unique plan and purpose for your life, just as Jesus had. He came to do the will of the Father.

God’s desire in your life is to uncover and awaken the gifts and purposes He put within you. This month we will discuss how to discover and what to do with the dreams God has for you.