A Reason To Keep Going

Mar 5, 2022

by Holly Newton

Read Nehemiah 2:11-20, Ezra 2, Psalm 22:22-31

The last half of Nehemiah chapter 2 describes Nehemiah’s journey to Jerusalem and his first actions when he arrived. I think it’s notable to mention he didn’t tell everyone, anyone, at this point as he entered the gates what God had put on his heart. It was only after he closely examined the task ahead, prepared with prayer and pondering, that he shared – and they began the work immediately (v. 17).

This work didn’t come without resistance. The local people were resentful and skeptical. But that didn’t stop Nehemiah because he understood that he was in the center of what God had sent him to do. He had solid confidence to keep going.

We can live with certainty of victory in the plans of God for our lives, but it usually doesn’t come without struggle. Opposition to do what we know to do isn’t a signal to stop or give up. We can persevere, knowing there is victory ahead, because of what Christ did for us.

We have a Savior that faced every struggle and went as far as to death on a cross – for you and for me.

Psalm 22:22-31 proclaims the victory of Jesus. It begins with suffering describing, prophetically, the death of Jesus, ending with a great cry of victory: ‘He has done it!” (V. 31) Not only does the resurrection of Jesus bring great victory, it brings intimacy. He declares to us, his people, that he is in our midst, and sees us as his brothers and sisters – part of his family.

Are you facing opposition in something you know God has called you to do? How does Nehemiah 2 encourage you to keep going?

Holly Newton is a passionate leader encouraging others to study scripture, ask the hard questions, and learn to hear God’s voice to more fully live in freedom and purpose. She is the Founder of She Lives Fearless, Author of Exhale; 90 Devotions and Savor The Wonder: Behold Jesus. She is a speaker, radio and tv segment speaker, and the She Lives Fearless Podcast host. Holly and her husband, Mark, have been married 31 years. They have three grown children, seven grandchildren and live with their much-loved yorkie, Lily, in the Orlando area. She loves to connect on Instagram @hollyanewton




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