Courage And Restored Strength

Sep 17, 2021

by Dina Gonsar

If you have ever seen an action or a superhero movie you have no doubt witnessed a scene where the “hero” defeats the villain with their seemingly last blow of strength. Sometimes the hero is weary from a long battle or wounded in a serious way. Maybe they have lost access to their source of strength. Yet, with what seems like one last breath, pulling all their strength from within they deliver the winning blow to the enemy. We hold our breath to see the fate of our hero and most often they are restored after their act of courage.

This is the picture that came to mind as read a devotional on Amalek’s attack, mentioned in Deuteronomy 25. Amalek chose to attack the Israelites when they were tired and weary. Isn’t that satan’s all-time best strategy? To attack us when we are mentally and physically exhausted? He loves seeing us get to the point of exasperation and having us see “the end of our rope.” We start staring at our fraying ends, trying to fix them in a panic. We grab for his worldly solutions and what “makes sense” to our natural minds. When that fails, he introduces giving up and quitting as solutions.

It is easier to see what is readily happening on the surface. How we are doing everything we know to be right in God. We are being faithful, yet not seeing results. We can become weary in our journey. However, we are planting seeds of faithfulness and obedience. They are not washing away. To us, it seems no fruit is bearing, or that we trusting in vain. The growing stage, the waiting stage, is the point where we can become weary. However, there are roots being established, there is a lot happening underneath the surface. God is working, although it is not always noticeable right away. The harvest takes time, in Galatians 6:9 he reminds us, “And let us not lose heart and grow weary, and faint in acting nobly and doing right, for in due time and at the appointed season we shall reap, if we do not loosen and relax our courage and faith.”

We need to continually ask God for strength and courage. Before our feet even touch the floor in the morning. We need to cry out to Jesus asking for that last bit of supernatural strength he can give when we feel our faith start to slip.  Let him carry and restore us as we utilize our faith. Then hide the moment in our hearts for battle. The next time satan wants us to see the fraying rope we are encouraged. Instead of panic, we spend our seemingly last bit of energy accessing our faith. We will see our strength restored and the courage to keep pressing forward well up in our hearts. Instead of weariness and anxiety taking root.

Dina Gonsar is the writer and creator behind the popular Dina has shared her recipes and love for family dinner across numerous media outlets both local and national. She is an award-winning home cook that has a heart for encouraging her community both in and out of the kitchen. Dina has a heart for encouraging those right where they are at, especially when it involves the kitchen table. When she isn’t dishing it up on television you can find her in the kitchen with her daughter Siena and her husband Brian in New Jersey. You can learn more about Dina by visiting:



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