The Gift Of Jesus

Dec 7, 2021

by Dina Gonsar

My parents made the holidays so incredibly festive and memorable. They worked hard to create and foster family traditions. They found great joy in large gatherings, Christmas dinners, and plenty of surprises under the tree. We have lots of great memories and home movies to prove it. However, it is not lost on me that the greatest gift my parents ever gave me was raising me in a Christian home.

My parents did not grow up in a Christian home. They were relatively new to Christianity when they got married and I came along. They brought me to church faithfully, and created boundaries even when it was unpopular. I can remember so many times being upset that they were “strict” or it was always me who seemed to have the most rules amongst my friends. Now having my own child, I am starting to see how incredibly difficult that must have been. Having to stand their ground when it was not popular for me to benefit in the long run that I could not see ahead too. To be called the “overbearing” parent, or to be the tail end of a joke about being the “over protective” parent. To have to say no to certain gatherings and extra circulars while I whined that they were the worst parents ever, could not have been easy. However, I now thank God for their faithfulness.

I know the greatest gift I can give Siena will never appear under the tree. It isn’t something she will open on her birthday. Although there will be gifts that excite her and surprise her, none will last her a lifetime. If I can be a part of fostering and encouraging her walk with Jesus. If I can be a mother that prays for her without ceasing. If I can continue to keep my walk with the Lord evident, honest, and strong right in front of her. Then that is the best gift I can give her. Because it is her relationship with Jesus that will carry her through dark times and sustain her when I can no longer. It is the joy of the Lord no matter the circumstance, the peace that surpasses all understanding and so much more that she will have access too.

And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children.

Isaiah 54:13

The gift of Jesus is the one I pray I can help her receive. Hoping that I will not grow weary in walking with the Lord and doing the hard things when it comes to parenting. To rest in and draw strength from the promises the Lord bestows upon our children. To know that where my influence ends in her life, the Lords begins. I find myself even more grateful for the gift of Jesus in my life. As it extends beyond my own life and pours into my child. Knowing that all the promises available to me through Jesus are now available to her. This is the greatest comfort as a parent. That I am not in this alone. Therefore, Siena will be excited for all the wonder and joy that Christmas brings. But the joy will not fade with twinkling of Christmas lights. It will continue to grow and shine brighter as she walks with the Lord.

Dina Gonsar is the writer and creator behind the popular Dina has shared her recipes and love for family dinner across numerous media outlets both local and national. She is an award-winning home cook that has a heart for encouraging her community both in and out of the kitchen. Dina has a heart for encouraging those right where they are at, especially when it involves the kitchen table. When she isn’t dishing it up on television you can find her in the kitchen with her daughter Siena and her husband Brian in New Jersey. You can learn more about Dina by visiting:



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